Restaurant specialized in traditional Romanian food


Pe lângă mâncare și voie bună, oferim clienților posibilitatea de a asculta muzică live, de marți până duminică, începând cu orele 19.

Totodată, organizăm eventimente cu meniuri complete începând de la 100 lei.


Our advantages

Hanul Dacilor (The Dacian Inn) is located in a historically important place.

It is the place where you will feel the hospitality of the people.It is the place where you will love the delicious traditional dishes served on wooden plates by waiters dressed in Romanian traditional clothes and last but not least you can listen to Romanian music.

The inn is open to both children and grown-ups, providing each of them with: terrace, restaurant halls, children's playground, rooms for accommodation.

Hanul Dacilor welcomes you to the surprise events organized for our guests, during the year.

Classification no. 10224 / 25.05.2011 issued by the Ministry of Tourism