marcă înregistrată din 2009


We offer you

Traditional dishes

Rețete alese cu mare atenție, din inima Moldovei, care să trezească în oricine spiritul și emoția dacică.



Hanul Dacilor offers rooms starting from 130 RON.

The rooms are equipped with LCD TV, satellite TV, extra furniture, internet, terraces. The special panorama, the traditional Moldavian restaurant and the hospitality of our staff complete our offer.

Our restaurant


Pe lângă mâncare și voie bună, oferim clienților posibilitatea de a asculta muzică live, de marți până duminică, începând cu orele 19.

Totodată, organizăm eventimente cu meniuri complete începând de la 100 lei.


Our guest house


Călatorule, te găzduim cu mare drag, oferindu-ți experiențe tradiționale și voie bună.



  • Traditional hot platter700 gr - 42 lei

big meatballs, chisca, country style potatoes, beetroot and horseradish

  • Traveler's platter1500 gr - 120 lei

tenderloin, chicken meatballs, hog's pudding, chicken sticks, smoked sausages, cheese, cheddar cheese, olives, onion, tomatoes, mustard

  • Barbarian's platter1500 gr - 120 lei

pork scruff, ribs, pork hock and sausages, golden potatoes with scraped cheese, cottage cheese, cucumbers and red peppers in vinegar

  • The outlaw's platter600 gr - 35 lei

grilled minced meat rolls (Romanian “Mici”), chicken wings, pork sausages, golden potatoes and mustard

Traditional dishes

  • Smoked pork hock with beans and pickles salad250/250/150 gr - 37 lei
  • Pork ribs450/450/50 gr - 35 lei

ribs, polenta, garlic sauce and golden potatoes

  • Moldavian tochitura250/150/100/50/50 gr - 29 lei

served with polenta, cottage cheese and egg

  • Sheep pastrami200/150/100/50/50 gr - 39 lei

very tender sheep pastrami, splashed in red wine and served with polenta, cottage cheese and egg

"The food is good and not expensive. The servings are not too small and also not too large. The decor is rustic, with traditional Romanian music in the background. Wooden tables and chairs in a historical location in Iasi. Recommended if you are looking for a Romanian experience at a great price. "

"I was pleased with this place because it is located near Poppy Poplars (old trees over 300 years old) that inspired the best Romanian writer of romantic poetry, Eminescu. The Dacian Inn is very close to the city. Its own restaurant offers good food at decent prices. And let's not forget I met some of the kindest people. The first floor is the best because it offers a splendid view of these very large trees and terraces. "

"I have been visiting this restaurant for many years.The food was always perfect and the staff very friendly. You can also eat on the terrace that offers a pleasant setting. The smoker's lounge is separate. Do not forget to go to the Dacian Inn (Hanul Dacilor) when you visit Iasi! "

"Lovely people, good food, warm rooms. It's a great place to stay with decent prices. "