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Just as other frameworks use JavaScript on the front-end to power up capabilities and features, Blazor enables .NET developers to ember server-based code into web pages using C# and Razor pages. BackboneJs, unlike jQuery, has a tiny footprint and is very fast.

razor front end

Writing messages is easily done with the extension methods provided by the built‐in logging library. For more complex scenarios a factory method can be configured to help the container create instances of specific services. Dependency injection is a pattern used to build loosely coupled systems.

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Chapter 5 covers Bower and NPM in more detail, while Chapter 6 describes automated builds and publishing. The rest of this chapter is about all the changes introduced to the .NET side of things, starting with theStartup.csfile. This contains all the dependencies the application has, which can be .NET packages , Bower, as shown in Figure 1‐4, or NPM if you application needs it. All the core web abstractions were delivered within the System.Web library, and all the other web features depended on it.

When using components in Razor, you can pass POCO’s into the component and render it out to your page. It’s neat, except it doesn’t solve the issue of getting data out of the form. So technically, I can use a view component so I can render my list, but I cannot use it to reuse parts of the form. Image by Olalekan Oladipupo from PixabayAs a full stack web developer, I work in a lot of different languages, frameworks, and technologies. There are things I absolutely love using and things I try to avoid using at all costs.

Blazor Server

Ideally, once an interop is created for an API, it shouldn’t have to be created again. Razor allows you on the back-end more easily how to become a .net razor developer create views (.cshtml in C#). Trending is based off of the highest score sort and falls back to it if no posts are trending.

razor front end

This specification is called OWIN, which stands for Open Web Interface for .NET. OWIN defines the interface that components, be they full‐fledged frameworks or just small filters, have to implement in order to be instantiated and called by the hosting process. ASP.NET Core can run on the standard .NET framework (from version 4.5 onward), but in order to be cross‐platform it needed the CLR to be cross‐platform as well. Abp-card and abp-table are tag helpers for Twitter Bootstrap’s card component. There are other useful tag helpers in ABP to easily use most of the bootstrap components.

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I think it’s promising but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it at this time. On the other hand, MVC is very mature and has a lot of advantages. There are many developers familiar with it, there’s lots of documentation and a large community, and it’s a bit easier to deploy since you have just one project. The first issue was dealing with the two problems listed above. When submitting a new element to be added to the list, it would validate the entire page. You could not submit anything without the other parts of the page validating. To fix this, I moved the list additions out into its own form and added a Javascript onclick event to it.

I adore C#, Python, and Javascript for my backends while I would rather not touch PHP or Java. It’s fast, powerful, easy to write in, and is cross platform thanks to .NET Core.

Application Frameworks

Using something like React or Angular in my situation would have made the process much smoother. My solution for both frameworks would be almost the same structurally. The entire page would do a post back, validating other forms on the page.

  • This is really frustrating to get hours into this and be missing files…
  • We’ve seen how to add a View Component in a razor view by using theInvokeAsyncmethod.
  • This is done via theConfigureServicemethod as shown in following snippet.

Once we have the token, the helper class will manage the token, and now we are ready to get the list of users from our database. The idea is to open/hide the menu by clicking on some button on the header. To do this we will create a layout folder and put inside it the app.component files created by default. But we will also create the same files for each section of the layout like you can see in the next image.

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You can also use regular HTML tags instead of these tag helpers, but using tag helpers reduces HTML code and prevents errors by help the of IntelliSense and compile time type checking. Angular applications support better automated testing for both the client and server. Again, because they are clearly separated, tests of client or server do not need to account for each other in any way.

  • ASP.NET provides a number of ways to build web apps/services.
  • Web assembly is not used in these types of projects; instead, web developers would deploy a SignalR JavaScript application on the client-side .
  • If a page doesn’t exist, normally the application should return an HTTP 404 status code and a page not found warning, but ASP.NET Core won’t do so unless instructed.
  • Not that big of a deal if that’s your intended behavior, but very frustrating if your forms in a sequence or optional.
  • ASP.NET Core not only has built‐in support for it, but actually requires its usage in order for applications to work.

This first builds the application and then invokes it via thedotnetapplication host. Abp.libs.datatables.normalizeConfiguration is another helper function. There’s no requirement to use it, but it simplifies the Datatables configuration by providing conventional values for missing options. Argument is used to send an empty object to the GetListAsync method which normally expects an object of type PagedAndSortedResultRequestDto that is used to send paging and sorting options to the server .


Additionally a Razor Components app can use dependencies the JavaScript ecosystems and through an interoperability layer the app can communicate bidirectionally with both .NET and JavaScript dependencies. This is helpful for situations where the Razor Components does not support a necessary browser/DOM API or an existing JavaScript library is useful.

The reason is that almost all the new features in the updated MVC framework are related to the move from the standard ASP.NET framework to ASP.NET Core. The new startup process, the new OWIN‐based execution pipeline, the new hosting model, the built‐in configuration, logging, and dependency injection libraries already have been covered. Unfortunately this naive approach works only if you have access directly to the instance of the configuration class . There are two options to share the configuration with other components.

Consider a front-end developer who is tasked with building a UI. Much of the code they write will be the typical HTML / CSS / JS. However, they will also have to deal with the data that is passed to the front-end from the backend.

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